Below you will find a list of abstracts and full articles I have written (or collaborated on) that appear online currently.  You will be directed to the respective website upon clicking any article below.  For a complete list of articles and publications, please see my CV in the About Me section.

Physical Reasons and Mitigation Strategies for Increased Lightnings in Bangladesh (2021)

Water Exploitation-Induced Climate Change (AMS Paper)

নিম্নতম বা প্রথম আসমাি


রসূলুল্লাহ (সাঃ) -এর মাসের ১৫ তারিখের ইবাদাত

Climactic Severity Victims of Upstream Water Piracy Strongly Evidencing Inland Water Depletion-Caused Global Warming Vis-A-Vis Cooling (2014)

Upstream Water Piracy Impact on the Aquatic World and Human Dimension – Some Water Piracy Curses (2013)

Cunning Strategy for Upstream Water Piracy and Remedial Measures (2013)

Upstream Water Piracy, the Strongest Weapon of Cornering a Downstream Nation (2013)

Environmental Pollution Through Indiscriminate Arsenic Waste Disposal (2013)

Rotation Matrix Method for Calculation of a Detector Telescope’s Response Function (2013)

Farakka Barrage, the Greatest Ever Riparian Bluff for Upstream Water Piracy (2013)

Upstream Water Piracy Contaminates Downstream Water (2013)

Superiority of Prostration as a Protection from Lightning Strike (2012)

Ecosystems Sustainability Challenges from International River Water Plunderage (2012)

Downstream Ecocide from Upstream Water Piracy (2012)

Man-made climatic changes in the Ganges basin (2012)

Freedom Water Filtration System: A Solution to the Arsenic and Pathogen Contaminated Water Crisis in Bangladesh and Other Underdeveloped Nations (2012)

Absolute Flux Comparison of Magnetospheric Particles (2012)

Growing Sugarcanes in Home Gardens (2009)

Sono Filter Waste Disposals Contradict Safe Environmental Regulations (2008)

Natural River Flow Obstruction Risks Groundwater Arsenic Contamination (2008)

Ordeals to Have Due Share of Transboundary River Water (2008)

A Detector Telescope’s Pitch Angle Sampling of Magnetospheric Particles (2008)

International Migration of Gangetic Fishermen in South Asia (2008)

Upstream Controller’s Dual Benefits at the Cost of Downstream Drainer’s Double Trouble (2007)

Growing Plantain Plants in Home Gardens (2007)

The background state leading to arsenic contamination of Bengal Basin groundwater (2005)

Impact from a Superstore Construction in Bartholomew’s Basin (2005)

Background State of the Biosphere (2005)

Chemical agents incineration exhaust fallout and effects (2004)

Impacts from Trans-Boundary Water Rights Violations in South Asia (2004)

Upstream Water Diversion Constructions on Transboundary Rivers (2004)

Biosphere III:  The Site of Unprecedented Ecocide in the Ganges Basin (2003)

Man-Made Climatic Changes in the Ganges Basin  (2002)

Effect on Water Resources from Upstream Water Diversion in the Ganges Basin (2001)

Micro-Level Climate Change in the Ganges Basin (2000)

Locating NAPLs in Ground Water Using Partitioning Fluorescent Dyes (2000)

Arsenic Contamination in the Groundwater of Biosphere III: Causes ad Remediation (2000)

Microlevel Climate Change due to Changes in Surface Features in the Ganges Delta (1999)

The Impact of Climatic Extremes and Water Shortage Upon Human Health (1999)

Integrated Investigation of the Arsenic Episode in Bangladesh (1999)

History of the Environment of Bangladesh (1996)

Farakka Barrage: An Unprecedented Environmental Disaster in the Ganges Basin (1996)

The Water Crisis in Bangladesh: A Challenge to Integrated Water Management in Urban Areas (1996)

EXOS-C  Project at UAPB (1994)

Phoenix-1 Observation of Storm-Time Precipitation of Ring Current Particles (1994)

Sources and Sinks of Methane (1993)

Solar-induced Variation of Proton Precipitation Near the Equator (1993)

Solar Cycle Dependence of Equatorial Protons in the Thermosphere (1993)

Spatial and Temporal Features of 0.64-35 MeV Protons in the Space Station: EXOS-C Observations (1992)

Global Zones of Particle Precipitation as Observed by EXOS-C (1992)

Global Peak Flux Profile of Proton Precipitation in the Equatorial Zone (1991)

The ONR-602 Experiment and Investigation of Particle Precipitation Near the Equator (1991)

Observation of Z Greater Than Equal to 1 Particles Below 300 km Near the Geomagnetic Equator  (1991)

Observation of Low Energy Particle Precipitation at Low Altitude in the Equatorial Zone  (1989)

Magnetospheric Particle Detection Efficiency of a Conical Telescope  (1988)

Phoenix-1 Observations of Equatorial Zone Particle Precipitation  (1988)

Low Energy Protons at the Equatorial Zone  (1987)